Most revered participants,
It is the greatest honour and privilege of mine to welcome each and every single one of you to the first ever edition of Model United Nations of Private Narlıdere Uğur Anatolian High School 2020 as the Secretary-General.

In this very first session of MUNUAL, we are hosting six distinctive committees that are inclusive for both experienced and beginner delegates. Our novice delegates and experienced ones who enjoy the General Assembly atmosphere will strive to find permanent and healthy solutions to climate change, which is one of the most crucial problems of our era, in our Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change committee; struggle to provide an unarmed future for the next generations in the Disarmament and International Security Committee; or push their limits to provide solutions to our challenging human rights-related agenda items in United Nations Human Rights Council. Our experienced delegates and the ones who love crisis-based experiences will be fighting for a peaceful world in the United Nations Security Council and will be challenging one another in our Crisis Committee: The King, which will be a single-cabinet crisis experience where the delegates will be living in the times of the reign of Henry V, and be representing important characters. And last but definitely not the least, we will be waiting for our most exclusive delegates in the most unique committee of MUNUAL'20; The International Court of Justice, and expect them to solve a very disputable case that concerns Russia and Ukraine.

On the behalf of our diligent team, I can proudly express that we're working tirelessly to provide you one of the best experiences you'll have. Our biggest concern is to make all of our participants leave the conference in a happy state of mind. With the help of our experienced organisation team, we promise that you will not regret being a part of MUNUAL'20 even for a second. We'll set the standards high, so make sure to experience the greatest.

Yours faithfully,
Naz Alptekin

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